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General information

Koasamarsch Ebbs

On this page you will find everything you need to know about participating in the KOASA March. Whether that be the schedule, the conditions of participation or keeping replenished, below you can find out more about all this in order to plan your day as best as possible.

  • Info about the competitions

    Start and Finish:

    • Ebbs event centre, School – covered school play area
    • Finishing time - Anniversary Ultra Race: 8:00 pm
    • Finishing time - all other distances: 6:00 pm

    Start times and Briefing:

    Trail running:

    • KOASA ultra-marathon anniversary: Mass start at 7:00 a.m. (Safety equipment obligatory!)
    • KOASA Classic Run: Mass start at 9:00 a.m.
    • KOASA Half marathon: Mass start at 11.00 a.m.

    All trail run competitors must attend the briefing! Twenty minutes BEFORE THE START of the competition, a briefing will be held in the starting area.

    • KOASA-Jubiläums-Ultralauf briefing: 6:40 am
    • KOASA Classic Run briefing: 8:40 am
    • KOASA Half Marathon briefing: 10:40 am

    IVV Fit Hike:

    • ‘40’ Classic: Start 6:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m.
    • ‘20’ Mountain hike: Start 6:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
    • ‘12’ and ‘5’ valley hikes: Start 6:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

    Route lengths and Metres altitude:

    Trail running:

    • KOASA ultra-marathon anniversary: 52.4 km and 3450m altitude
    • KOASA Classic Run: 33.0 km and 1730m altitude
    • KOASA Half marathon: 21.1 km and 1000m altitude

    IVV Fit Hike:

    • ‘40’ Classic: 33.0 km and 1730 m altitude
    • ‘20’ Mountain hike: 21.1 km and 1000m altitude
    • ‘12’ Valley hike: approx. 12 km
    • ‘5’ Valley hike: approx. 5 km

    Route markings:
    The routes are marked by signs, tape, flags and ground markings (arrows), and in different colours according to the levels of difficulty:

    • Gold: KOASA ultra-marathon anniversary
    • Black: KOASA Classic Run/"40s" Classic
    • Red: KOASA Half marathon/ "20s" Mountain hike
    • Blue: Valley hike 12 km
    • White/Pink: Valley hike 5 km

    Cut-off times:

    KOASA Anniversary Ultra Race:

    • At the check point and refreshment station Hinterbärenbad km 25.6: 1:00 pm
    • At the check point and refreshment station former GH Haberg km 37.6: 4:30 pm

    These times are binding; later passing is not possible as the check points will be closed. If a participant breaks off the race, they MUST inform race management by SMS, including their start number, on the number provided by the organiser (+43 664 754 28884), or by requesting that the checkpoint do this.

    KOASA Classic Run / 40th Classic Hike:

    • Check point Vorderkaiserfeldenhütte (km 13.4 or 5.2): from 10:30 am the mountain path toward Stripsenjoch will be closed!
    • Check point Stripsenjochhaus (km 22.4 or 14.1): 2:00 pm

    Feed stations:

    • 9 refreshment points at the Koasa-Marathon
    • 7 refreshment points at the Koasa-Classic-Run / 40-classic
    • 4 refreshment points at the Koasa-half marathon / 20-mountain hike

    Time measurement by the event organiser (race result - Andreas Mayr). Each participant receives an ActivePro v2 transponder that must be worn on the body. After the finish, this transponder must be handed back, without exception.

    We place great emphasis on fairness at the Koasa March in Ebbs. Anyone who behaves unsportsmanlike (e.g. shortcutting, disregard of the official instructions or leaving the marked routes) will be disqualified without exception by the race director.

    By registering to enter the competition, each participant agrees to the conditions of the competition. We expressly point out that sections of the routes are in alpine terrain and each runner must therefore be aware of the risk of injury when falling. We assume no liability for theft or other damage claims. Each participant enters the competition at his or her own risk. In particular, each participant is responsible for his or her physical fitness.

    Koasa March is the organiser of two ATRA Trail Cup races:

    • KOASA Ultra-marathon: Marathon Trail Cup 2019
    • KOASA Half Marathon: Speed Trail Cup 2019

    For runners that are ATRA members (Austria Trail Running Association), the following guidelines apply:

    You are required to carry safety equipment. Safety equipment is checked at random when entering the starting area to ensure all required items are carried. The mandatory equipment consists of:

    • Trailrunning backpack
    • Water and wind-proof jacket/outfit
    • Gloves and head covering
    • Trailrunning shoes (high-grip soles)
    • Functional running clothes
    • Water cup
    • First aid kit with emergency blanket
    • 1.0 l of liquid
    • Snack bars and gels
    • Headlamp
    • ID
    • Mobile phone with the numbers of the event organiser +43 664 754 28884 (only usable on the day of the event) and the Alpine emergency number (140) saved
    • Optional: Installed Tyrol mountain rescue emergency app

    Marathon Trail Cup and Speed Trail Cup qualification:
    Each participant needs to enter four competitions to qualify for the cups. After completing the Koasa March, send a message to with your race ranking and time no later than 14 days after the competition. This should be sufficient.
    For further information on the ATRA Cup

    This year's Koasa March is also included in the ITRA (International Trail Running Association) race calendar. Race finishers can earn ITRA performance points.

  • Included services

    • Combination of temporary and permanently marked routing
    • Medical services in the finish area and mountain rescue along the route
    • GPX-Track of the route
    • Generous starter kit
    • Personalised bib number (to keep)
    • Baggage storage in the event centre
    • Free catering (beverages, small snacks) at all 9 refreshment stations
    • KOASAMARSCH Anniversary pin
    • Free online-certificate
    • Free use of the showers in the event centre Ebbs New Secondary School
    • Free massage in the start/finish area
    • Free event photos
  • Entry

    • 10th June 2019
    • Available at the start (late registration fee € 10.00)

    Entry fees:

    Trail running:
    incl. Starter & Finisher pack

    • Up to 31.12.2018: € 35.- / € 25.-
    • Up to 31.03.2019: € 40.- / € 30.-
    • Up to 10.06.2019: € 45.- / € 35.-

    IVV Fit Hike:

    • ‘40’ Classic: € 15.- (with an IVV stamp just € 9.-)
    • ‘20’ Mountain hike: € 15.- (with an IVV stamp just € 9.-)
    • ‘12’ and ‘5’ valley hikes: € 8.- (with an IVV stamp just € 3.-)

    The IVV evaluation stamp can only be issued if...

    • The participants present their start card and IVV participant ID Card in person,
    • The name on the start card and the IVV participant I.D. are the same,
    • All the route check stamps are on the start card.

    Bank details:
    Group message from groups and individuals upon payment of the entry fee to the account at Raika Ebbs: IBAN: AT22 3635 8000 0372 2873 | BIC: RZTIAT22358

  • Parking

    • School centre Ebbs
    • Hallo Du Ebbs leisure centre

    The PDF file shows available car parks close to the event centre. On approach via the B 175 Wildbichler Str. from Niederndorf (north) or from Kufstein (south), a car park guidance system points you to the car parks as well as the event area.

  • Schedule

    Friday, 14.6.2019:

    • 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm: Start number issue

    Saturday, 15.6.2019:

    • From 5:00 am: Start number issue
    • 6:40 am: Koasa ultra-marathon briefing
    • 7:00 am: Mass start for Koasa ultra-marathon
    • 8:40 am: Classic run briefing
    • 9.00 am: Mass start for classic run
    • 10:40 am: Half-marathon briefing
    • 11:00 am: Mass start for half-marathon
  • Event organiser

    Wintersportverein Ebbs, Andreas Moser, Josef-Lengauer-Straße 1, 6341 Ebbs
    +43 664 5105513 |

  • Insurance

    The event has liability insurance cover via Uniqua. Accidents and lost property are not covered.

  • Important details

    • Advertising for events that are classified for the International National Sports Emblem are permitted at the start and finish areas. Bringing posters and issuing brochures on the route and leaving them on parked cars is strictly prohibited. Advertisers who are not known by the IVV will be rejected, if necessary legal measures will be taken!
    • When crossing public roads, the statutory road traffic rules are to be adhered to.
    • Due to the risk of rabies, pets which are brought along must be kept on a lead.
    • Smoking is not permitted in forested areas.
    • Throwing away paper and other rubbish pollutes the environment is therefore forbidden. As per legal stipulations participants will be held accountable for their actions. Rubbish is to be disposed of in the containers provided.
    • All runners should install the emergency app of the Tyrol mountain rescue on their smartphones, so that the participants can be found as quickly as possible in case of an emergency. Almost exact positioning of the accident location with an integrated GPS module means that the time between the alert and rescue is considerably reduced. At the same time, a telephone connection allows clarification of the emergency situation and support of the parties concerned when dealing with the situation. This makes the Tyrol mountain rescue emergency app a valuable supplement to the Alpine emergency number 140, and means that it can even save lives.
    • We recommend that you take out recovery cost insurance. This is valid for the entire year, for the whole family, for just €28/year. Plus you support the work of the mountain rescue with your purchase! With the insurance you are covered for costs arising from a search, and rescue with a helicopter up to the transfer to a rescue vehicle.
  • Weather

    The event, including all the races, will be held in any weather. However, in the event of extreme weather, the organiser reserves the right to prematurely end any race or cancel any race entirely, or shorten or modify any route (e.g. due to snow), without assuming any claim for reimbursement of the entry fee.

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