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General information

Koasamarsch Ebbs

On this page you will find everything you need to know about participating in the KOASA March. Whether that be the schedule, the conditions of participation or keeping replenished, below you can find out more about all this in order to plan your day as best as possible.

  • Registration

    Registration Koasmarsch Ebbs 2022 here

    All registered participants of the Koasamarsch light 2021 already have fixed starting place for 2022.

  • Results

    All results as well as the certificate for the Koasamarsch light 2021 can be found here

  • Info about the competitions

    Start and Finish:

    • For all seveFor all seven versions of the “52nd Ebbser Koasamarsch”, there is one single start and finish location. This is the event centre at the new middle school in Ebbs.

    Starting times:


    • Koasa Marathon: 8 am
    • Koasa Classic Run: 9 am
    • Koasa Höllenritt: 10 am


    • 40´ Classic: 6 – 8 am
    • 20´ `Hike through hell‘: 6 – 12 am
    • 12´ Valley hike & 5´ valley hike: 8 am – 2 pm

    Route lengths and Metres altitude:

    Trail running:

    • KOASA Marathon: 44.0 km and 2100m altitude
    • KOASA Classic Run: 33.0 km and 1730m altitude
    • KOASA Half marathon: 21.0 km and 1000m altitude

    IVV Fit Hike:

    • ‘40’ Classic: 33.0 km and 1730 m altitude
    • ‘20’ Hike Hölle: 21.0 km and 1000m altitude
    • ‘12’ Valley hike: approx. 12 km
    • ‘5’ Valley hike: approx. 5 km

    Route markings:
    The routes are marked by signs, tape, flags and ground markings (arrows), and in different colours according to the levels of difficulty:

    • Yellow: KOASA Marathon - ÖM in Trailmarathon
    • Black: KOASA Classic Run / "40s" Classic
    • Red: KOASA Höllenritt / "20s" Hike Hölle
    • Blue: Valley hike 12 km
    • White/Pink: Valley hike 5 km

    Time measurement by the event organiser (race result - Andreas Mayr).

  • Included services

    • For all those who participated in the Koasamarsch light in 2021, the starting place for 2022 is fixed and will be automatically taken over.
    • Combination of temporary and permanently marked route
    • GPX-Track of the course
    • KOASAMARSCH finisher medal
    • Online certificate
  • Contact

    Wintersportverein Ebbs/Sektion Alpin
    Wolfgang Walcher
    Kaiserbergstraße, 6341 Ebbs
    +43 664 1553582 |

  • Refreshment stations

    Trailrunning Koasa Marathon:

    • Aschingeralm
    • Vorderkaiserfeldenhütte
    • Hochalm
    • Stripsenjochhaus
    • Hinterbärenbad
    • Barrier Kaisertal Road

    Trailrunning Koasa Classic Run:

    • Vorderkaiserfeldenhütte
    • Hochalm
    • Stripsenjochhaus
    • Hinterbärenbad
    • Barrier Kaisertalstraße

    Trailrunning Koasa Höllenritt:

    • Vorderkaiserfeldenhütte
    • Barrier Kaisertalstraße

    40´ Classic:

    • Vorderkaiserfeldenhütte
    • Hochalm
    • Stripsenjochhaus
    • Hinterbärenbad
    • Barrier Kaisertalstraße

    20´ durch die Hölle (through hell):

    • Vorderkaiserfeldenhütte
    • Barrier Kaisertalstraße

    12´ valley hike:

    • Kaisertalstraße barrier
  • Entry fees

    • Entry deadline is 17th June 2022

    Entry fees:

    All those who were registered for the Koasamarsch light 2021 already have a fixed starting place for the Koasamarsch 2022. The starting lists are expected to be released at the beginning of October.

    Trail running - until 18th June 2022:

    • € 50,- (Marathon and Classic Run) / € 40,- (Höllenritt)
    • Youth prices until age group 2005: € 25,- (Marathon and Classic Run) / € 20,- (Höllenritt

    IVV-Fit-Hike - until 18th June 2022:

    • 40er Classic Run: € 40,- / 20er Hike through hell: € 30,- / 12er Valley hike: € 20,- / 5er Valley hike: € 10,-
    • Youth prices until age group 2005: 40' Classic: € 20,- / 20' Hike through hell: € 15,- / 12' Valley hike: € 10,- / 5' Valley hike: € 10,-

    Bank details:
    Collective registration of groups as well as individuals by paying the entry fee to the account of Raika Ebbs: IBAN: AT22 3635 8000 0372 2873 | BIC: RZTIAT22358

  • Parking

    • Car park Kirchplatz Ebbs
    • Car park Raiffeisenplatz
    • Car park Schopperweg
  • Schedule

    • From approx. 11am festival

    The detailed programme will follow shortly.

  • Starter list

    Know who your opponents are: Here you find the current starter list. It can be filtered individually according to distance, name, starting number,...

  • Participants

    The maximum number of participants at the 52nd Ebbser Koasamarsch is 1,250 participants. Since there are already over 500 participants from last year, it is advised to book the desired starting place quickly.

  • Insurance

    The event is insured against liability by Uniqa. For accidents and lost objects is not liable.

  • Important details

    • When crossing public roads, the statutory road traffic rules are to be adhered to.
    • Due to the risk of rabies, pets which are brought along must be kept on a lead.
    • Smoking is not permitted in forested areas.
    • Throwing away paper and other rubbish pollutes the environment is therefore forbidden. As per legal stipulations participants will be held accountable for their actions. Rubbish is to be disposed of in the containers provided.
    • All runners should install the emergency app of the Tyrol mountain rescue on their smartphones, so that the participants can be found as quickly as possible in case of an emergency. Almost exact positioning of the accident location with an integrated GPS module means that the time between the alert and rescue is considerably reduced. At the same time, a telephone connection allows clarification of the emergency situation and support of the parties concerned when dealing with the situation. This makes the Tyrol mountain rescue emergency app a valuable supplement to the Alpine emergency number 140, and means that it can even save lives.
    • We recommend that you take out recovery cost insurance. This is valid for the entire year, for the whole family, for just €28/year. Plus you support the work of the mountain rescue with your purchase! With the insurance you are covered for costs arising from a search, and rescue with a helicopter up to the transfer to a rescue vehicle.
  • Weather

    Please adjust your tour planning according to the weather.

    Weather and weather forecast for Ebbs

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