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Limited starting field for the 52 km anniversary ultra marathonfrom Sylvia Dreher

The team of the Ebbs Koasamarsch aim to provide you with information in advance, to make it easier to decide whether to register. The good news is that there are already 60 people signed up for the ultra marathon (as of 07.03.2019), so it could get a little tight! ;-)

50 years of the Koasamarsch – almost like a golden anniversary – the golden >50 km race! One thing is certain – the anniversary race will be extreme. Lots of single trails, and extremely difficult constant ascents and descents, require tremendous stamina and concentration. Many sections don’t allow a single misstep. And one last kicker is the climb near Tischoferhöhle. Ooooo, that’ll hurt...

For the anniversary race, the starting field is limited to 200 runners

There is a list of mandatory equipment, without which runners will not be permitted to start. The mandatory equipment will be checked when starting numbers are given out.

• Trailrunning backpack
• Water and wind-proof jacket/outfit
• Gloves and head covering
• Trailrunning shoes (high-grip soles)
• Functional running clothes
• Water cup
• First aid kit with emergency blanket
• 1 l of liquid
• Snack bars and gels
• Headlamp
• Mobile phone with the numbers of the event organiser +43 664 75428884 (only usable on the day of the event) and the Alpine emergency number (140) saved
• Optional: Installed Tyrol mountain rescue emergency app

20 minutes before the start, a compulsory briefing will be held, during which a random check of the mandatory equipment will be made. For the anniversary race: NO START without trailrunning backpack and mandatory equipment!!

The following cut-off times must be observed:
• At the check point and refreshment station Hinterbärenbad km 25.6: 1:00 pm
• At the check point and refreshment station former GH Haberg km 37.6: 4:30 pm
• Latest finishing time km 52.4: 8:00 pm

These times are binding; later passing is not possible as the check points will be closed. If a participant breaks off the race, they MUST inform race management by SMS, including their start number, on the number provided by the organiser (+43 664 75428884), or by requesting that the checkpoint do this. Trailrunning poles are permitted, and if used must be carried through from start to finish.